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NJS Web Publishing Systems Pvt.Ltd has initially been established as a web developing Organisation in INDIA with its headquarters in HYDERABAD. Later on as success began to reach heights for the firm, it transformed into a Domain, Host, SSL, etc; provider in INDIA and provides customer support also for any assistance. The company’s traditional business model is exclusively based on the reformation of INDIA into a digital nation and to be known world-wide. Depending on the company’s idea to diversify its business, the company also has one of its branch in Mahalandi Village(West Bengal). In future the company’s strategy would be to be a stand-out organisation in this area. The revenues of our company are expected to be 3,00,000/-(4472$) per month depending on the variables that would factor in the Web Publishing arena. As we support the idea of ‘Digital India’ as conceived by the INDIA GOVERNMENT, we would ensure that all the transactions made from within the company and out of the company would be digital i.e ‘cashless transactions’ in the form of online banking, Cheques , POS, etc…

In addition to all these the company has its partnerships in the most reliable and trusted organisations in USA and have made all the necessary investments and purchases to ensure quality services across the country and abroad.



To be a stand-out in the field of web Designing & Development by providing exquisite services, relationships and profitability.


To be a stand-out in the field of web Designing & Development by providing exquisite services, relationships and profitability.


To establish long-term relationships with our clients and provide high-quality customer services by pursuing business through improved innovations and latest technologies.


  1. We treat all of our clients with due respect and humbleness.
  2. We believe in concising your ideas with the best way possible.
  3. We integrate honesty in propagating our business through innovations and advancements in technologies.


  1. To initially focus on the regional expansion of the business and reach world-wide gradually.
  2. Increase the investments and the assets of the company to enhance the Development of business.
  3. To build reputation in the field of Web-Designing & Web-Development.


NJS Web Publishing Systems Pvt.Ltd markets its products through social networks and in association with reputed advertising firms to socially integrate the business. The company will undertake the maintenance provisions of client’s Website and any complaints or obligations will be taken into account.