What Is React JS?  

React JS is a comprehensive JavaScript library, used for developing mobile and web interfaces. React allows you to better account for data that change over time, displaying these changes instantly. Interfaces, developed with React JS are minimal, fast and scalable. Moreover, it’s always easy to combine React JS with AngularJS, Redux, jQuery, etc.

Reasons To Go For React Templates  

React JS gives new opportunities to everyone developing front-end apps and websites. Below I list the major advantages of using React JS for your next project:

  • React JS boosts the speed of your interfaces. It works as a virtual DOM and allows your interface to update only the components that changed, instead of updating the whole interface. This saves A LOT of user’s time.

  • React JS includes JSX, JavaScript syntax extension which lets you use React together with HTML, CSS, and XML code.

  • React JS libraries are well coded and easy to get around;

  • With React JS, your sites and applications will be more secure. React templates allow you to bake your HTML content into JavaScript, making the surface area of your website/app less vulnerable.

  • React JS is well-documented across the web. You can find many great React JS tutorials and online courses on the web.

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Now, it’s time to see 21 best React website templates. Built with the latest technologies, these templates let you master your React JS projects like a pro. Enjoy!