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Google AMP: For A Faster & Better Performance Across Devices & OS

A brainchild of the search engine giant, Google, Accelerated Mobile Pages optimizes the user experience by offering a faster response time. Not only does it reduce the load time by 2.7 seconds but the ads on AMP pages also load five times faster, thus increasing the revenue by three times. The Google AMP project is an open-source initiative that accelerates the creation and loading of websites and ads on them. With instant load, AMP stamp, effective ad placement, and key performance indicators, these pages enable you to offer an enhanced and rich browsing experience, especially for the mobile browsers. A number of large companies like New York Times, Reddit, Wall Street Journal, etc., have already embraced the AMP development for their websites and with our AMP development services, you can also enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary project. 

Why Shift To Accelerated Mobile Pages?

  • Ad Performance Analysis
  • Increased Loading Speed
  • Minimized Bounce Rate
  • No Custom Requirement
  • Enhanced Content Delivery
  • Unbeatable Mobile Compatibility
  • Google AMP Stamp
  • All-Browser Functionality
  • Optimize For Search Engine

Features Of Accelerated Mobile Pages

With the mobile user base expected to touch 4.68 billion by the end of 2019, turning your web pages into Accelerated Mobile Pages is the way to embrace the future. Here are some features of this Google Project that would make you get AMP development services:

Lightning Speed

Instant Loading

Seamless User Experience

Unmatched Mobile Browsing

Enhanced Content

Quick Ad Loading

Reduced Bounce Rate

Escalate Conversions

Greater Engagement

Better Click Through Rate

Greater Engagement

Better Click Through Rate

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