WordPress Website Complexity & How It Impacts the SEO?

According to the web design industry mavens, there are several factors that need to be assessed while conceiving a flawless website. Most of the businesses determine the website growth based on the conversion rates. You’d be surprised to know that the psychology of colors on a website, whether it is a corporate web design or business web design, impacts conversion rates. Many times, the color psychology point is overshadowed by all other tactics that uplift the website rankings. We have 93% of website design companies that emphasize an impactful website design but on a sad note, only 5% understand the color psychology. For web designers worldwide, color psychology is a potent web design tool. It can manipulate the conversion rates smoothly that uplift the status of the website. When web designers incorporate the right color scheme on the website, it can strengthen the brand image & boost sales. Here’s a quick overview of values and expressions associated with the common color band used in website design.